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The 23 Things

For this tutorial, there are 23 Things for you to do. Each Thing will show you one more web tool. There are many places for you to explore, experiment with, and think about creative ways to use this in your library or to collaborate with classroom teachers. Region One Co-op members who completed all items on this list by 08/15/2008 will receive 18 hours of CPE credit. Otherwise, there is no deadline and this course will remain online through the 2008-2009 school year. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to register for workhsop number 17680.

Tutorial Format:
Each week begins with a brief explanation of a new web 2.0 topic, followed by Discovery Exercises. These exercises give you the background you need to understand the tools you're learning about. Don't skip them! After the Discovery Exercises, you'll find a Thing -- activity -- to complete. Then you comment or "post" to your online log (Blog.) You will learn how to set up a blog in week two. This is a tool to communicate your feelings, new found skills, ideas, questions, and favorite websites. You'll receive feedback from me and from other participants. It's your space!

The links below will take you to each week's specific lesson.

Week 1: Introduction
1. Please begin by reading this blog & find out about the program.
2. Discover a few pointers from lifelong learners and learn how to nurture your own learning process.

Week 2: Blogging
3. Set up your own blog , add your first post, add an avatar.
4. Register your blog and begin your 2.0 journey.

Week 3: Photos & Images
5. Explore Flickr and learn about this popular image hosting site.
6. Have some Flickr fun and discover some Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites.
7. Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week.

Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders
8. Learn about RSS feeds and set up your own Bloglines newsreader account.
9. Locate a few useful library related blogs and/or news feeds.

Week 5: Play Week
10. Play around with with an online image generator.
11. Explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list, play with it and write a blog post about your findings.
12. Roll your own search tool with Rollyo.

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati
13. Learn about tagging and discover (a social bookmarking site)
14. Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts.
15. Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts.

Week 7: Wikis
16. Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that libraries are using them.
17. Add an entry to the Learning 2.0 SandBox wiki.

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools
18. Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools.
19. Take a look at LibraryThing and catalog some of your favorite books.

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable Audio
20. Discover YouTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.
21. Podcasts (You don’t need an iPod!)
22. eBooks and Audio eBooks
23. Summarize your thoughts about this program.Copyright, Creative Commons, and CONGRATULATIONS!