Thing #17: (WEEK 7) Add an entry to "Sandbox" Wiki

A sandbox is a term that wikis often use to describe the area of the website that should be used for pure play so for this discovery and exploration exercise, go to the Region One Sandbox ( go ahead and play! The magic password is "library."

Note: The Region One Sandbox was created with PBwiki 1.0 because the general invite key is not an option in PBwiki 2.0. You may choose either version for your own wiki.

Discovery Exercise:

1. Visit the California Curriculum Connections wiki and go to the section devoted to one or more of the topics covered in the 9 weeks of the School Library Learning 2.0 course.

2. Create a post in your blog about the experience. How might you use wikis?

Discovery Resources:

· PBWiki Video Gallery - Short videos of PBwiki features
· PB Wiki Tips

Curriculum Connection:

Idea #1: Select one of your favorite curriculum ideas from your own blog. "Copy and paste" it to the Region One Sandbox wiki. Password is "library."

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ACavazos said...

Love wikis! I have a Recommended Reading List on a wiki,and refer to it when I walk about awarded books. I like the idea of using a wiki for webquests because I can post the links my library website and already resources for my lesson plans will be ready when I need them. Another great idea is to categorize all of our favorite library resource links in a wiki for easier access. So many ideas, so little time!