Thing #22: (WEEK 9) Explore ebooks and Audio eBooks

For this thing, you will explore where you can get free ebooks and get an idea of the types of titles you can find here. Take a look around and locate a few titles of interest. Many school and public libraries have audiobook and ebook collections, so check what they have in their collections. Audiobooks are popular for ELL and Special Education students, as well as communters who enjoy a good story during a long ride. There are a number of commercial audiobook and ebook sources, and many of these companies have exhibits at library conferences.

Discovery Exercises:

1. Explore World EBook Fair' site for FREE downloads from the Gutenberg Project. Also just explore the site - there's much to check out.
2. Create a blog post about your findings.

Discovery Resources:

1. LibriVox, audiobook versions of copyright-free books from the Gutenberg Project. Read by volunteers. Started in August 2005 by Hugh McGuire. Check it out!

2. Check out this "Best Places to Get Free Books" site, too.

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ACavazos said...

Thing#22: eek 9: Explore ebooks and Audio eBooks.
I would love to find ebooks that I can use with student, or that I ould enjoy reading, but cannot find either one. The Gutenberg Project had a couple of interesting books, but asked for a year's subscription, hich I do not want to do at this time. I visited the other sites,and still cannot find somethingI really want to read. I believe for now,anything I would like to read,I must pay for. If I had to pay for ebooks,I would purchase TumbleBooks. They ar animated, and have activities for some stories.